Collaborating as a personal marketing manager to solve business challenges

Marketing Consultancy – Personal Marketing Manager for ambitious small to medium sized business owners.

Our experience working with large to small companies have brought together the new marketing path.

Marketing your business, it’s everything to see your profits rise. And we believe that everyone should be able to collaborate with a creative and strategic mind. That’s why we’ve created Living Room to bring a professional, flexible and cost effective marketing partner to your door.

Our work process

Listening to understand, thinking to build, planning to produce better, learning to grow, collaborating to solve business challenges, measuring to success.

  1. Research & Analysis – Objectives
  2.  Thinking & Conceptualization – Strategy
  3.  Production & Development – Content
  4.  Amplification & Spread out – Reach
  5.  Metrics & Results – Insights

One to One Sessions

Don’t limit yourself!

Every marketing activity must be part of a larger strategy to build your brand and increase sales. Everything we do is centred around bringing you the highest return for your money and the best results.

Marketing Training

Become your own influencer!

We help people to take control over their own website to communicate their brand effectively in all the digital channels, increase brand awareness, and to become their own influencer marketing manager.

Market Research

There are so many opportunities out there!

It’s essential that you keep on top of what’s going on in the dynamic market landscape and let it guide your marketing strategy. Targeted research allows you to get to know your business positioning and to understand current consumer behaviour, helping you stay focused on your goals. We’re always on the hunt for the latest consumer and market trends, so that you can stay ahead of the game!

Sales Funnels

Optimising Customer Acquisition

We’ll build the right campaign to bring your target market into your sales funnels and increase lead generation.

Analysis & Insights

Believe it or not, analysing can be really fun!

Sure, wading through data might be boring, but running a focused market and competitor analysis that reveals vital insights, and turning these into action – that’s what we love to do. As we partner with you, and get a deeper understanding of your business goals, we will find the most opportune and effective customer solutions for you.

Marketing Consultancy

The future of marketing is leadership!LR_consultancy