Why marketing should be at the core of business

Why marketing should be at the core of business


Marketing impacts almost every aspect of your business and is responsible for the communication, advertising and promotion of your product and service. Marketing can position your business in the mind of your target customers and engage them using relevant communications to attract them to your offering. Below are some key reasons that marketing is so important to the success of any business.


One of the most basic, yet critical elements of marketing is that it informs your audience about your product or service. Whether you are establishing a new business, trying to break into a new sector or simply growing awareness of your brand – marketing plays a crucial role in explaining to people who you are and what your offering is. As you develop your content, you can inform your target customers about the benefit or value of using your product or service and the positive impact it can have on them.

Inspires action

When you market your business effectively you should be encouraging and inspiring your customers to take the action you want them to. If you want people to buy your product, make it clear in your communications. If you want people to call for a quote, be explicit. One fantastic example of how inspiring and effective marketing can be is the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign from Sport England. After a year of campaigning, Sport England announced that 2.8 million women between 14-40 took part in an activity as a direct result of seeing the campaign. Just think how big an impact an effective marketing campaign could have for your business, especially if it inspired people to take the action you wanted them to.

Increases sales

Ultimately, marketing should promote your product in the minds of your target customers, using a range of on and offline techniques to engage with and inspire the people you want to do business with. The more effective your marketing is, the greater the chance you have of increasing sales. As sales increase your business will grow, making marketing a fundamental part of any successful business.

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