Video Marketing and Storytelling

Video Marketing and Storytelling


How quality storytelling through online video content helps SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs?


Sharing your business or product story to engage and connect with your audience! This is the story behind an online video content start-up.

Polar Create started in 2015 with an express mission: to make video content accessible. We have a passion for video, for creating quality content, for the nuts and bolts of sound, lighting and visuals, but more importantly we care about and are interested in our clients. We take time with each and every entrepreneur zeroing in on what drives them, what makes them exciting and focusing on how they are going to impact the world around them.

It used to be that if a start-up or a small business wanted a video to promote their services they were priced out the market, they could not access the manifold benefits that come from video marketing. Now with affordable video at their finger tips, SMEs are able to distill their message into an engaging pitch, showing their personality and efficiently communicating their story. Video marketing is crucial, video content accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and a 30 second has an 80% completion rate.

Good marketing is all about storytelling, and video is the perfect medium for this. Polar create met Living room 128 in September 2016 and within the first meeting, Noelia and Marc managed to put a clear marketing strategy together which gamified the sales process and has allowed Polar Create to allocate resources accordingly and focus on what they are best at, creating fun and engaging video content.

At Living Room 128, we believe in the power of quality video content and the importance of including this into your marketing strategy to communicate efficiently with your current and potential target audience.

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