Top 6 TIPS to make your digital marketing successful

Top 6 TIPS to make your digital marketing successful


Digital marketing strategy can vary but all organisations expect the same results; to be successful. Success requires a great deal of hard work and creativity, especially in social media marketing.

The internet made marketing successful but also placed a burden on marketers to be creative and engaging otherwise the result of the campaign would be disappointing.  With increasing pressure to be successfully mounted by your competitors, digital marketing can serve as a powerful tool to outperform competitors and gain high conversion rates and revenue. A good digital marketing agency ensures an update on digital marketing strategies from trends and recent development to tap into the interest of the audience. From statistics, traditional marketing strategies failed to record the success businesses have through digital marketing. Although very important for business success, a great knowledge of consumer behaviour, customer relations, marketing, social media and creativity is required for success. Let’s look at some digital marketing statistics; according to Demand Metric content marketing (a form of digital marketing) costs less than traditional marketing by 62% and it generates more leads. Content marketing institute reported that social media was reported as the most popular content tactic followed by images, e-newsletters, videos and finally website articles.

The decision to become very successful at digital marketing couldn’t be made at a better time than now. You may be new to this or may have tried and failed. You could just be looking for ways to improve on your existing strategies; this post will expose the top 6 tips that will help you nail digital marketing to your wall of success.


1. Organisation is key

Most times marketers and/or business owners have a limited time to carry out numerous successful campaigns, and the organisation and scheduling can be overwhelming. Start by making a list and from it selecting priority items, then assign a time frame to each item on list and schedule every activity. This can help you keep things organised as sometimes you may be dealing with numerous channels like email, different social media channels, and blogs. Learn to focus your resources and assigned time to particular projects as opposed to doing several at the same time. One common mistake is trying to achieve massive results at once, it is key to understand that everything takes time to achieve. Hard work, organising and scheduling projects and consistency will get very good results for marketers who are willing to make the effort.

2. Think mobile

Mobile device use is getting on the rise, website visits by mobile devices are on the rise and businesses are taking advantage of this. Most social media channels have mobile applications that people use, they engage pages and business through this. Optimizing digital marketing to suit devices of all kinds would help in making campaigns more successful. WordPress development responsive design and ensuring a good site performance, page speed, onsite SEO optimisation, will bring effectiveness to your digital efforts. Advertising on social media can be targeted specifically to mobile users. Mobile users will help the success of your marketing campaign by sharing and recommending to other users content that is engaging enough. Read this other post to understand the importance of website development for every start-up, SME’s or entrepreneurs.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is a vital aspect of every successful project. Monitoring helps marketers make a check on the progress of their campaigns, it helps them understand how a campaign performed and why it did, giving them the required data to make improvements on future campaigns. Most channels offer tools for analytics which monitors the performance of the digital marketing campaigns and provides an organised report to the marketer. Taking advantage of monitoring and evaluation is like taking advantage of research because it provides insights on how to make your campaigns more successful. There are available tools that make monitoring successful, research on which is most suitable for you.

4. Know what you are doing

New marketers dive blindly into digital marketing without having the necessary skills. Some businesses making the transition from traditional marketing mistake digital marketing for familiar ground. They soon notice it’s an entirely different field. Socrates couldn’t have stressed his “know thyself” any further. If your marketer is not familiar with digital marketing, seeking knowledge would be a good start and where time is of the essence a good digital marketing company can be employed. Marketing is vital to business success, it is important to place this weighty responsibility on the shoulders of someone who can carry them successfully.

Take time to set up social media accounts and ensure they are updated regularly. This could help you build a presence that facilitates social media marketing. Also, make and build your email list for email marketing.

5. Remain relevant

Digital marketing is a fast evolving field and it is Important that marketers keep up with the pace.  This industry has recorded unexpected changes in the past, marketers should remain ready to take advantage of whatever changes may occur in the industry. To remain relevant it’s necessary to keep an open mind to new knowledge, fresh ideas, developments, trends, happenings and more. To develop engaging content especially on social media and blogs, it is key to utilise what is making its rounds online at that time. Marketers should remain in touch with relevant terminologies, hashtags and other important registers that concern marketing and the audience. This is necessary to facilitate successful digital marketing campaigns especially ones that are engaging. While on social media, timely response to mentions can aid in building brand trust and help increase conversion rates.

6. Think Content

If audience engagement is key? Content is the grease that ensures the lock does not go rusty. Digital marketing relies heavily on creativity, unlike traditional marketing where people were made to sit through commercials to continue their favourite television shows. Digital marketing provides the room for the audience to opt out when the content does not appeal to them. Placing heavy pressure on marketers to ensure their content remains engaging enough over time. To think success in digital marketing is to work on ensuring content is engaging. Other important areas regarding content is Search Engine Optimization.


The best way to handle digital marketing is keeping up with changes in the industry, to ensure work is organized and scheduled and to make engaging and search engine friendly content. A Website development company which incorporates responsive design into its system prepares a platform for digital marketing success. An important strategy for beginners in digital marketing is to study your competitors, check out what they are doing and why it seems to be working for them. That should provide a benchmark for you to begin. Remember monitoring, evaluation and control of your digital campaign is a head start to ultimate success in digital marketing. Find out more on how Living Room 128 can help you to make your digital marketing success. 


Thanks to the guest-post author: Junaid Ali Qureshi – Progostech