Tips for a successful digital strategy

Tips for a successful digital strategy


How to measure the success of your B2B digital strategy

Your digital marketing strategy needs to align with the objectives in your marketing strategy – to ensure that both your online and offline marketing channels are working to position and promote your business to your target audience. The following tips are a great way to ensure your digital marketing strategy fully utilises the channels you’re using.


Build awareness

Firstly, you’ll want to ensure you’re building awareness of your brand online across a number of channels, including your: website, email marketing and social media channels. Be sure to choose the channels relevant to your target market. Twitter and email marketing are proven channels to suit B2B audiences, having a massive impact in driving traffic to a company’s website. Some of the analytics you’ll want to track to ensure you’re increasing brand awareness online include an increase in engagement on your social channels, an increase in subscriptions for your email marketing and an increase in traffic to your website.


Once you have people visiting your online channels, you’ll want to make sure you’re capturing their interest, engaging them in your product or service. If you’re running an e-commerce website, you’ll want to ensure your customers are able to find what they’re looking for easily. If you’re running a none e-commerce website, you need to give people a reason – firstly to visit your site and secondly to stay on it once they’ve reached it. Videos, images, case studies, vlogs and blogs are great outlets to produce engaging content that will entertain or educate your audience – giving them a reason to interact with your site. 


Now you have people visiting and engaging with your online channels, you need to ensure they take the action you want them to – whether that’s directly making a purchase or clicking through from your social or email channels. Consider what action you want your audience to take and what the purpose of each channel is. Perhaps each channel is engineered to drive more traffic to your website if this is the case, once a visitor arrives at your site – what’s the next step in converting them into a customer? To track how effective your website is performing, you’ll want to monitor increases in traffic to your site, the number of bounced visits and the number of conversions.

Digital marketing can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy, but to truly measure its effectiveness you need to monitor and analyse the relevant KPI’s at each stage of your strategy. Contact us today for more information.