Selling sites: where to open your first online shop

Selling sites: where to open your first online shop

More and more shoppers fill their baskets online. And it’s no surprise that the average local shop, market stall and high street retailer look for selling sites to make sure they’re visible to the 80% of Britons who have checked out on an ecommerce website at least once in the past year.

Here’s our quick list on where you can get on board to create your first online shopping platform.

Marketplace selling sites

Amazon, eBay and Etsy are the most popular places for selling your things online. You can even allow customers to visit you locally to collect the items they’ve purchased.

This marketplace can take care of your listings, handling and shipping of items you sell online. Wine producers Big DeVINE chose Amazon as one of their selling sites to reach their customers.

You can sell and auction items online on eBay for free. Vintage shop Viva la Rosa‘s clothes and jewellery can be found on this selling site.

Handmade and artisan items sell online on Etsy. You can find Sarah Turner‘s upclycled home accessories on this selling site.

Hosted selling sites

Shopify, Wix and WordPress (with plugins) are online selling websites – they make brands stand out with fully customisable shop fronts.

Different packages to start selling online on Shopify are available. Out of the selling sites available, this is being used by adventure store Best Made Co.

WixStores can display your product beautifully online to your customers. Good Feeling Goods‘ online store was created using this seeling site.

Getting started on WordPress is easy – add plugins to enable selling features. Mini-You delivers 3D printed figurines to customers with the help of this selling site.

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