Sponsorship Activation

Working as a corporate employee for Festina Group we have developed a number of sponsorship activation based on each brand strategy and event participation goal.

Sponsorships managed Tour du France, La Vuelta Ciclista, Moto GP with Jorge Lorenzo, Sevilla FC and Fashion TV Moda Calida.


  • Negotiation agreement to gain best brand performance & achieve company goals
  • Marketing strategy development with a B2B & B2C focus & 360 implementation
  • Product publicity & brand presence coordination & production
  • Actions programme, such as road shows, performance, etc from initial idea to production & execution
  • Staff hiring & management, plus customer engagement & attendance coordination



  • From 2007 to 2011 we increased 50% to 70% off & on line engagement, sales, customer relationships, press & TV presence
  • Brand & customer experience 100% highly satisfied


Sponsorship Activation, another brand extension publication