Marketing Manager StartUp

As a Marketing Partner of South Hampstead Residential, a private Letting Agent and a full time landlord. They approached us looking for expanding their business from a start-up stage to a more establish management role. SHR activity focuses on one of the most desirable areas to live in London; South Hampstead, West Hampstead, Hampstead Heath and surroundings, bringing to Living Room 128 an appealing target and market to work on.

SHR goal is to compete within the overcrowded property market, gaining market share and increasing the brand awareness. So we agreed to re-define and step up South Hampstead Residential marketing and communication, see our proposal and work in progress below.

Our partnership is ongoing.


. Market analysis, including demographic, private rented sector, economic and competitors

. Brand internal and external analysis, identifying strengths and goals

. Brand Strategy and new concept development

. Digital audit, online presence and SEO raking

. Social Media strategy

. Marketing Plan for 6 months

. Actions and implementation process

. New website development in collaboration with Hype Studios

. Social Media Calendar

. Social network presence creation: Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn


. CRM, sales force management

. Content creation

. Blog & email marketing

. Community Management & SEO implementation

. Marketing ideas and actions to achieve reviews and gain customer loyalty

. Regular metrics & insights are provided