Lead Generation Video Content Agency

Marketing Consultancy for Video Content Startup Agency.

Polar Create started in 2015 with an express mission: to make video content accessible for startups and small to medium-sized companies. They value sustainability, innovation and positive change whilst specialising in storytelling through online video content.


Generate lead and get new projects in.


Deliver high-quality inputs and best marketing tactics with our Start-Up Marketing Consultancy pack. 


Define a USP, unique selling proposition, to focus their communications and lead generation campaigns:

Quality storytelling for positive change and innovation.


  • Startup analysis and brand audit, review the business marketing and communication and the sales funnels.
  • Opportunity – identification and guidance.
  • Strategy – inspiration and best practices.
  • Action – shared the best marketing techniques and tools to step up the business, based on their resources and goals.


Al, founder of Polar Create says:

‘Polar create met Living room 128 in September 2016 and within the first meeting, Noelia and Marc managed to put a clear marketing strategy together which gamified the sales process and has allowed Polar Create to allocate resources accordingly and focus on what they are best at, creating fun and engaging video content.’ 

Find out more about how quality storytelling through online video content helps SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs, here.

Currently, we are exploring a monthly Marketing partnership!