Instagram Management BoConcept Spain

Instagram Management to position BoConcept in the Spanish market.

We partner with Lucia Brotons to manage the BoConcept Social Media channels in Spain.


Translation, management and BoConcept Denmark content program to publish in the Social Media channels of BoConcept Spain. Adapt the message and tone of voice to the Spanish market and audience. Website:



Analyse and understand the BoConcept target audience, market and its objectives to establish the brand in Spain. Choosing a right messaging for the brand positioning, after a deep analysis and content optimisation, we will achieve and build a real brand community around BoConcept.



  • Content translation and messaging adaptation to the Spanish market
  • Schedule, manage and optimise the SM channels
  • Account management
  • Monthly reporting including outcomes and improvements suggestions to the brand headquarter



Instagram BoConcept Spain starts in October 2017, currently has 1.283 followers, in results, the channel has got an average growth of 210 followers per month. The success has been achieved through a brilliant monthly content calendar implementation; optimising times and content to reach the right target audience, with an average of 19 publications per month.