Influencer and blogger marketing keep climbing

Influencer and blogger marketing keep climbing


Social Media Influencer marketing and bloggers have emerged from a variety of practices and studies.


Influencer marketing is a new form of marketing lead by specific human beings who have turn their passions into a career. Social media influencers and Bloggers are creating authentic content that is highly appreciated by the community.

That’s the reason why brands are creating their own blogs with original content, and furthermore using blogger outreach and content marketers to produce better.

As independent marketers we value real stories and we drive our clients to:

Be original, be real, be yourself!


Living Room has approached Shawn Michaels: Blogger at, because we’d like to get to know the story behind this wide Social Media communities.

Herewith what he has to say:


Just like any other man of my age, I was a person who dedicated every hour of his day to appreciate the technological advancement. Slowly and gradually, my interest shifted from indoor activities to outdoor, because I felt going out and interacting with nature blessed me with incredible peace of mind. I started taking new challenges and made efforts to make my time as productive as possible.

I noticed that people of all age and genders invested their time in mountain climbing and hunting. It was when I decided to give it a go! And what I felt was incredible. After just a month of climbing two times a week, my body started to change tremendously. My muscles felt much more toned and firm. I felt I was a changed person, a better person, which I enjoyed a lot. With time, the activity that was a mere time killer for me became my utmost passion! I kept trying new things and achieving new milestones.

There were times when I would run out of food and necessities during climbing and hunting. The way I overcame challenges blessed me with a commendable improvement in strategic planning in my practical life as well. As I started to excel it and move forward, I decided that I should let other people benefit from it as well. I began passing on the information and used social media platforms like Twitter to voice out my opinions. The main reason why people were more inclined to listening to my stories were that I decided not to be cliche and mainstream.

I quoted my experiences as they were, without any manipulation and exaggeration. That gave people more of a realistic insight of the climbing and hunting experience. I was able to construct a follow base of more than 32,000 followers! In future, I plan on expanding the horizon and magnitude of my knowledge. So that I can achieve more milestones, and as a result people can benefit from my experiences more.


Would you like to generate original content and engage with your audience?