Content marketing at Living Room 128: Welcome, Jovi…

Content marketing at Living Room 128: Welcome, Jovi…

Jovi joined us a week ago and has revolutionized our Living Room using content marketing!

Living Room 128 Content Marketing Lead - Jovi Grace Uysin

What is content marketing?

Essentially, this is a strategy that provides relevant and valuable content to an audience to build and nurture relationships. It’s free, it’s fun – we encourgage you to try it out if you haven’t already on your online channels!

A bunch of new content are hitting our inbox as we have decided to push them all. Our Magazine Rack has kickstarted with a useful list to host your first online shop and some marketing ideas on how the Pokemon Go hype can be used by local and small businesses.

What’s next?

Watch out for posts on setting up crowdfunding campaigns, reasons why outsourcing your own marketing team is the way forward and web apps to help you manage your marketing efforts.

A short note from Jovi

“I’m excited to work with Noelia and Marc at Living Room 128. Both are very dedicated to clients and the industry of marketing. Business owners looking to step up or simply want to find out more about content marketing can leave us a message because we love meeting new people and showing you how we can take on new challenges!”