4 reasons content marketing is perfect for startups and entrepreneurs

4 reasons content marketing is perfect for startups and entrepreneurs


Finding an effective marketing strategy is key to your success in the world of business. If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, deciding on the best approach to marketing can be a daunting task. Here are four reasons why content marketing is perfect for startups and entrepreneurs.

1. Build a tribe

The majority of marketing uses a ‘spray and pray’ approach. You blanket people with advertising, trying to reach as wide an audience as possible and pray that some of them want whatever it is you are selling. There are ways you can narrow down your audience and target more specific people, but even then a large proportion of those seeing your adverts will have absolutely no interest in them.

Yet you’ve still paid for those adverts.

Content marketing works the opposite way around. Rather than working so hard to deliver your message to people who probably aren’t interested, you draw in a specific group of ideal clients and make them come to you. By creating high-quality, high-value content that’s targeted at a very narrow niche, you will establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

These people form your tribe. Once you have their attention and demonstrate your expertise, they will fall over themselves to buy from you.

2. Profile

When you produce a lot of high-quality content you are consistently demonstrating, week in, week out, that you know your stuff. Even if you only post one blog per week, that’s 52 opportunities a year to sell yourself. Let your knowledge, experience, professional attitude and unique selling points shine. The more content you produce, the more people will recognise you and your name and the higher your profile will be.

You don’t need to sell, sell, sell with this content; you need to show, show, show. Show how much you know, show how much better you are at what you do than everyone else, show how passionate you are, show how dedicated you are and show how reliable you are.

3. Value

Content marketing is a great way to provide your clients with a massive amount of value. All of your wonderful content is theirs, for free. You are so confident that they will love what you do, you’re giving it away, knowing they will be back for more. It ensures your prospective clients feel that have got real value from you, even before they buy.

4. Know, like, trust

Content marketing gives prospective clients the sense of ‘if this is how good their free stuff is, imagine how amazing their paid products/services are!’ That is an impression that money can’t buy. No amount of advertising will instil that feeling in people. It’s something that only comes from getting to know, like, and trust you. Content marketing is the best way to build trust and give potential clients the opportunity to get to know and like you.

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